Story TIme

New Fall Themed Story Time Book!

After our recent trip to the library we have started reading Leaf Man written by Lois Ehlert. It is a wonderful story about a leaf man who is blown away by an Autumn breeze. While caught in this breeze he flies over many other leaf plants and animals.

WP_20151014_10_08_24_ProSince this is not a particularly long book we just sit and read it a few times. I did not see the need to create any movement activities with this book. Babs loved the book! As we read I point out all the different leaf creatures on each page. Now when we are outside she spends most of her time looking for Leaf Man…lol! It’s actually pretty cool to see her make the connection. ­čÖé Gone are the days of looking for cloud animals during summer picnics….sigh, an on to finding the many leaf creations a Fall breeze can create! Art project post is soon to follow!

Story TIme

Fall Themed Story Time


Fall is a great time to learn and play outside! We have been sitting in the hammock and doing what I call our story time. Sometimes we do activities while reading the books so we have to get out of the comfy hammock! Story time lasts about 10-20 minutes depending on the books we are focusing on. Babs and I read a TON of book together usually her favorites. During story time I choose the books we read and we usually read them for 1-2 weeks depending on her interest level the activities I have to go along with them. We have currently been working on the books pictured above. I will be posting the activities we do with each book in the coming days! Check for these books on Scholastic, Amazon, or at your local library!

One Windy Day by Tammi Salzano Illustrated by Hannah Wood

The Leaves Are Falling One by One by Steve Metzger Illustrated by Miriam Sagasti

Let It Fall by Maryann Cocca-Leffler