Puffy Paint Snowman

Puffy paint makes for a great new painting texture for kids. It’s also extremely easy to make. All you needed glue and shaving cream. During our art projects we have been working on following directions to make more purposeful pictures. So for this project we drew a snowman outline so Babs could work in staying inside the lines.


However, it’s always important at this age to let your child explore with the materials on their own as well. 😉


I drew the snowman shape big enough so it was easy for her to work on staying in the lines with the puffy paint. If you use equal parts glue and shaving cream the paint will dry perfectly puffy. Babs loves seeing her snowman hanging on the wall.


Materials Needed:

Glue 1/2 cup

Shaving cream 1/2 cup

Construction paper

Paint brush and bowl



Flax Seed Goo

Lately we have been playing with our everyday sensory materials…play dough, floam, and kinetic sand. We decided to try something new last week with a recipe you can find in the book 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids by  the creator of Fun at Home with Kids. It is an amazing book! All you need if Flax seed (got ours at the Dollar Tree) and water.


It was messy but totally worth it. We kept ours all week in a plastic ziploc bag in the fridge. Make sure to check for spoilage each day before you child uses it.

Flax Seed Goo was a very different experience for Babs. She is always very unsure of new sensory projects. Here are some tips and tricks to help your child experience new messy sensory play.

Tips for Sensory Play:

Allow your child to explore at their own pace. Never force them to touch the new sensory item. Give them a spoon and bowl to allow them to explore the properties of the Goo or slime before they touch it.


Play with them! Your child is more likely to engage in sensory play if they see you doing it. So don’t be afraid ringer your hands dirty.

Make sure they are in clothes neither of you care gets dirty. If your child is wearing their favorite shirt they will be mire worried about getting it dirty then experiencing the sensory play.

Give your child multiple days to play and experience the project .

Last but not least…..HAVE FUN! 🙂

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Heart Shaped Sun Catchers

Babs has been in love with hearts lately. It is so close to Valentine’s day we thought these would look great hanging in the windows!

All you need are some left over sheets of tissues paper from Christmas and contact paper. We used red, pink, and white to go with Valentine’s Day. However, you can use any colors you would like.IMAG0855

First cut out the contact paper hearts and tape then down onto a table or flat surface with the sticky side facing up. Then take some of the tissue paper and either cut or tip it into tiny pieces.

Then just let you little one stick them on the contact paper.

When they are finished place another sheet of contact paper over the hearts, sticky sides together. Trim them up and hang them on your windows!


Materials Needed

Contact paper

colored tissue paper