Puffy Paint Snowman

Puffy paint makes for a great new painting texture for kids. It’s also extremely easy to make. All you needed glue and shaving cream. During our art projects we have been working on following directions to make more purposeful pictures. So for this project we drew a snowman outline so Babs could work in staying inside the lines.


However, it’s always important at this age to let your child explore with the materials on their own as well. 😉


I drew the snowman shape big enough so it was easy for her to work on staying in the lines with the puffy paint. If you use equal parts glue and shaving cream the paint will dry perfectly puffy. Babs loves seeing her snowman hanging on the wall.


Materials Needed:

Glue 1/2 cup

Shaving cream 1/2 cup

Construction paper

Paint brush and bowl


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