DIY Lip Gloss

Have any Kool-Aid packets leftover from this summer? Grab them and help your little one make some lip gloss! All you need is a small container with a lid, petroleum jelly, toothpicks, and powdered Kool-Aid. Stop by the Dollar Tree and pick up one these stackable containers.



Fill each container with some petroleum jelly and then let your kiddo pinch some Kool-Aid powder and add it to the container. Be careful not to add to much or your lip gloss will be gritty. We used what we had left in the cupboard, lemonade, which happens to be Babs favorite. However, if you use something like fruit punch your lip gloss will even have a hint of color to it. Give them a tooth pick for each container and stir it up. It’s as simple as that!

Babs loves having her own lip gloss she can put on before we head outside to enjoy this nice fall weather. Added bonus it helps keep her lips from getting chapped.


wp-1478259070807.jpgShowing off her new lip gloss! We had a serious case of bed head this morning! lol!

Materials Needed:

Small container with lid

petroleum jelly


Any flavor Kool-Aid powder


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