Happy Holidays

We have been busy this holiday season! Babs got a baby brother. Baby H came a little early and is happy and healthy! 

In the meantime here are a couple holiday activities we have been up to!

A new twist on the traditional advent calendar! We did a count down to Christmas with books. I wrapped 24 books individually. Starting December 1St Babs opened one book each night. I bought some new ones, but most of them were “rediscovered”. I went through Babs book shelf and took some books she hadn’t read in a while to add to our count down. She loved doing this each night and it was a great way to introduce some extra reading time with the family.

This was a small craft we did to give to family members. 

I found the bulbs at the dollar store along with the garland. I printed a wallet sized picture and rolled it to get it in the bulb. Then Babs helped me put the garland inside behind the picture. It was a great way to work on this fine motor skills!

Snow angels and making Olaf!

Of course we can’t forget Elf on the Shelf! Good old Elfet came back to visit our house this year!

Happy holidays from Tiny Hands Big Ideas!

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