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Pinch and Pull Bracelets

Pinch and Pull Bracelets are a great way to work on those fine motor skills, as well as make some great dress up jewelry! All you need are pipe cleaners and beads. Babs is wears her bracelets all the time. The first thing you have to do is make a loop on one end of the pipe cleaner. This will keep the beads from falling off and give you an easy way to size it later. After that WP_20151025_18_35_23_Proyour little one is reading to start threading beads. I showed Babs how to thread the bead onto the pipe cleaner. Now, the tricky part for us was making sure the bead didn’t just fall right off. This is where the pinch and pull part comes in. After they put the bead onto the pipe cleaner have them use their thumb and index finger to pinch the end of the pipe cleaner, then show them how to use their other hand to pull the bead down….pinch and pull! This became easier and easier the more we threaded beads and eventually Babs only needed the verbal reminder, “pinch and pull”.

WP_20151025_18_23_26_Pro WP_20151025_18_21_33_Pro WP_20151025_18_21_26_Pro

After they have finished threading the beads you will need to close up the bracelet. To do this bring the loop and opposite end together. Thread the straight end through the loop. Pull as tight as you need for it to be the correct size. Once you have the correct size wrap the extra pipe cleaner around the loop to close it. Make sure to tuck the pointed ends under to prevent the kids from getting scratched.

WP_20151025_18_41_29_Pro WP_20151025_18_42_36_Pro WP_20151025_18_41_41_Pro

Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!WP_20151025_18_25_08_Pro

Materials Needed

pipe cleaners


Adult supervision is required fort his activity because the beads are a choking hazard to little ones.

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Dollar Store Dress Up

She was to busy putting out fires for a picture in her fireman hat so I had to settle with cowgirl, beads and all!

Dress up can keep kids entertained for hours and it doesn’t have to be elaborate! Since it is around Halloween time the Dollar Tree by our house has some simple dress up items that has inspired creativity in Babs I didn’t even know she had yet! A simple plastic fireman helmet sparked discussion about what firefighter does as well as encouraged her to use some toys or household items in different ways. She put on the hat and away she went! She used a mixing spoon for a hose and pretended the couch was on fire. She ran around the house making fire engine noises, it was great! Ahhh….to be a kid again! I think I see a cardboard box fire truck in our future creations. 🙂 She has been so into it that we just started reading the book Firefighter Ted by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by Pascal Lemaitre. Dress up is the most fun for us when follow Babs lead. If you find anything cool and cheap while you are shopping give me a heads up!