Sensory Play

Shaving Cream Shapes- $1 Sensory Activity

We all know toddlers learn through play, language, and different sensory experiences. Shaving cream shapes is an easy fun way to keep your toddler engaged while also working on shapes or letters. This activity only cost a dollar and for any of your into extreme couponing, you may even have some already in your stockpile! I remember doing this in elementary school at my desk. It was fun as a kid and it’s still fun as an adult!

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Babs can identify her shapes and we are working on drawing them. She can draw a circle and tries really hard to draw a triangle but it still needs some work 😉 It doesn’t matter where you child isWP_20151009_09_13_42_Pro they can still do this activity! If they already know their shapes, work on letters. If they are working on identify shapes then you draw the shapes and have them “erase the circle” (wipe it away with giant globs of shaving cream) etc. Before I started adding in the shapes to this sensory project I just gave Babs some time to explore and play with the shaving cream. She is curious and if she didn’t get it out of her system then she would never be interested in drawing shapes. You can see in the pictures that in the beginning the shaving cream is on a cookie sheet. I also purchased this from the Dollar Tree. I often use an average size cookie sheet as an art tray. During art projects it keeps the materials from rolling off the table. There are also times when, let’s be honest, I just don’t want the huge mess! We are all human and I know my limitations. Some days I just don’t have time for the mess. Today I didn’t care so I let her shaving cream the counter too! FYI-I hand wash the cookie sheet to keep it from becoming disfigured in the dishwasher. So bust out the Barbasol and have fun!WP_20151009_09_20_07_Pro

Materials Needed

shaving cream

cookie sheet (optional)

Flat hard surface such as a counter or table