Clothes Pin Pinch

The clothes pin pinch is an activity that work on fine motor skills. I happened to have some clothes pins around the house. You could use the colored plastic ones to add some more learning opportunities to the activity. Babs has always beenWP_20150923_18_03_19_Pro a kid who loves to figure out how things work so she really enjoyed this activity. She still uses both hands to pinch the clothes pin but that’s okay! It all about practicing and having fun! I keep showing her how to do it with one hand and she tries for a while. 🙂 We used one of my kitchen mixing bowls that has a lid so we can keep it out for a few weeks and work on it. The key to this activity is let your child explore the clothes pin before you try to show them how to do the activity. If this is something they have never seen before they will be curious about the clothes pin… I know Babs was. It was useless trying to get her attention while she was figuring out what this thing I keep calling a clothes pin was…lol! You want to work on them pinching the clothes pin and clipping it to the edge of the bowl. When they have finished they can unclip them and put them inside of the bowl.WP_20150923_18_03_49_Pro

Materials Needed


clothes pins

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