Kids Cook

Fruit Kabobs (printable kid friendly recipe page)

Babs can be picky when it comes to food and just because she liked it yesterday doesn’t mean she will like it today! Kids cook is something we try to do once a week and it is intended to be done with an adult at all times. Doing a kids cook project is one way we work through some of those picky eating habits. It tends to be a very simple cooking project which many times doesn’t actually require cooking! The goal is to get her exposed to food she tends to shy away from. It’s a great way to get kids to touch the new food, because let’s get real sometimes even that is a struggle. 🙂 I try to only include one new ingredient so she will continue to enjoy the activity and not feel to overwhelmed by the new food. I create kid friendly recipe sheets that include pictures and simple directions. I print them and put them in a binder that we call her cookbook! Last week we make fruit kabobs and the new/she used to like them and now she doesn’t food was blueberries. I have included the recipe sheets for you to download and use if you would like! Good luck! I would love to hear how it goes!

Check out the kid friendly recipe sheet for Fruit Kabobs!

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