Sensory Play

Mold and Melt Goo

Mold and melt goo was a new sensory experience for Babs. She wasn’t to sure about it because it starts off hard and it was a little difficult for her to get out of the bowl. I ended up giving her a spoon and helping her scoop it out with my hands. Once she had a piece in her hand and I showed her how it “melts” she thought it was pretty cool. As you can see in the pictures we spread out the sensory play table-cloth because this project is messy and there is no getting around it!


All you need to complete this sensory play project is corn starch and water. The specific amount of corn starch and water you will need is listed in the materials needed section at the end of the post. This is not one of the sensory projects that we save all week. I will be making a fresh batch of it on Friday and adding a little color. To add color I would either replace the water with liquid water colors (I will post Friday how to make your own without spending a fortune 😉 ) or you could add a little powdered or liquid food coloring. Depending on how much of either type of food coloring you add you may have to adjust the amount of corn starch or water in the recipe. Hope you enjoy!

Materials Needed

Corn starch 2 1/2 cups

Water 3/4 cups