Bunches of Balloons

Looking for a cheap easy way to entertain a toddler recovering from a cold? Balloons are a cheap and easy way to get out some energy and be creative!


Babs is currently getting over a minor cold. We are to the point where she is feeling better, but if she over does it… she probably end up right back where she started. I keep a few packs of balloons from the dollar store on hand. Below are a few of the activities we like to do with balloons.

Bunches of Balloons Activities

*put on some music and kick the balloons

*grab some markers and draw faces on them

* go on a color hunt

*bury them with balloons on the couch or in an old box

*throw them back and forth- makes for an interesting game of catch 😉

These activities are fun even if they aren’t sick! Great for a rainy or cold day too. Hope you enjoy!

Sensory Play

DIY Snow

I played around with this recipe forever trying to get the right consistency. Most of my sensory recipes come from randomly mixing items together and seeing what they turn into. Babs and I call it creative cooking! I tell her we are going to pretend cook. Some of my favorite memories as a kid is when my mom let my sister and I “cook” very creative concoctions in the kitchen.

This recipe only uses shaving cream and baking soda. Mix those two things together and you will have yourself some DIY snow. Babs had a good time mixing the ingredients together in a large bin I had. Afterwards we used the snow to make our Penguin and Seal Playscape! I will be posting on that later.

If the consistency isn’t right add some more shaving cream or baking soda until you get that powdery snow like feel. Keep in mind all of the ingredients are at the Dollar Store!

Materials Needed:

Shaving Cream: 3/4 of a regular size can

Baking soda: 1 regular sized box


Shaving Cream Rain Cloud

I am always trying to expose Babs to some toddler friendly science. The shaving cream rain cloud turned out to be more entertaining for her than I thought it would be. Let’s face it…..that’s always a plus! 🙂


First you need a glass bowl or cup filled with water. Then squirt some shaving cream on top. Next give your little one some food coloring and help them add some drops to the top of the shaving cream. The amount of food coloring you need will depend on the amount of shaving cream you used.


It takes a little time but the food coloring will gather at the base of your shaving cream cloud and drip into the water. The result was fascinating to Babs! We ran out of blue so our rain cloud was multi-colored.


Materials Needed:

Shaving cream
Glass bowl or cup
Food coloring
One excited toddler!