Sensory Play

DIY Snow

I played around with this recipe forever trying to get the right consistency. Most of my sensory recipes come from randomly mixing items together and seeing what they turn into. Babs and I call it creative cooking! I tell her we are going to pretend cook. Some of my favorite memories as a kid is when my mom let my sister and I “cook” very creative concoctions in the kitchen.

This recipe only uses shaving cream and baking soda. Mix those two things together and you will have yourself some DIY snow. Babs had a good time mixing the ingredients together in a large bin I had. Afterwards we used the snow to make our Penguin and Seal Playscape! I will be posting on that later.

If the consistency isn’t right add some more shaving cream or baking soda until you get that powdery snow like feel. Keep in mind all of the ingredients are at the Dollar Store!

Materials Needed:

Shaving Cream: 3/4 of a regular size can

Baking soda: 1 regular sized box

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