Bunches of Balloons

Looking for a cheap easy way to entertain a toddler recovering from a cold? Balloons are a cheap and easy way to get out some energy and be creative!


Babs is currently getting over a minor cold. We are to the point where she is feeling better, but if she over does it… she probably end up right back where she started. I keep a few packs of balloons from the dollar store on hand. Below are a few of the activities we like to do with balloons.

Bunches of Balloons Activities

*put on some music and kick the balloons

*grab some markers and draw faces on them

* go on a color hunt

*bury them with balloons on the couch or in an old box

*throw them back and forth- makes for an interesting game of catch 😉

These activities are fun even if they aren’t sick! Great for a rainy or cold day too. Hope you enjoy!

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