Free Bowling!!!!

For those of you that haven’t heard, there is a summer program for kids called Kids Bowl Free. Sign your kiddos up and the get two free games of bowling per day all summer long! You pick up the bill for shoes. We did this last year and loved it! After signing Babs up we were then given the option to purchase a family pass for $26 and some change (not available in all areas). It was worth it!!! For $26 my husband and I got the same deal as Babs. Two games a day all summer long. There is also an option to add Grandparents! It was a great way to spend a rainy day as a family. 

It’s as easy as this. Go to Kids Bowl Free and pick your state. You will then be given a list of bowling alleys that participate in the program. Pick the one in your area (they are listed by city). Registration isn’t open yet so all I did was enter my email and they will notify me when the bowling alley I chose opens registration for the program. 

Once you sign up they send you a weekly email with your bowling coupons! You don’t even have to print them. I took my phone right to the bowling alley desk. 

Great way to get some inexpensive family time this summer! We will be enjoying our bowling this summer! Hope you wil too!

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