Leprechaun Trap

So with St. Patrick’s day right around the corner Babs and I continued our annual tradition of making a leprechaun trap. All you need to get started is a shoe box covered in tinfoil. 

After that give your toddler some gems, stickers, puffy paint, and glue. Really any art supplies will work. Let them decorate it anyway they want. 

The leprechaun that visits our house likes skittles and lucky charms 😉. The day before St. Patrick’s day we leave some in the trap for the leprechaun. We never catch him and boy is he messy! He makes a huge mess in the room. Babs thinks this is hilarious! 

Just a fun activity for you and your toddler to enjoy this St. Patrick’s day! I will be posting pictures of our leprechaun’s mess on Friday! 

Have fun! 

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