Music and Rhymes

Flashlight Fireflies

Flashlight Fireflies is a new rhyme we are working on this week. Babs really loved it probably because she gets to use a flashlight. 🙂 I picked up a two flashlights at the Dollar Tree. They are the small ones so they won’t be to heavy for tiny hands. Our hallway is dark enough to do this activity but a bedroom with the curtains closed would work great too. The first time I say the rhyme I show her the motions with the flashlight. The second time around I give her a flashlight and we do it together. She liked it so much we did this rhyme about 10 times! The rhyme is listed below, however, you can download the word document for Flashlight Fireflies and print it. I like to print the rhyme and also a coloring page to go with it. I foundWP_20151013_17_23_18_Pro this coloring page at COLORING.WS from DLTK’s website. I will have Babs color it later this week and add it to our song and rhyme binder. Then she can go through and use the picture to choose a rhyme. I also add the word document because I would probably mess up the words if I didn’t….hahaha! The motions are in parenthesis below each line. It goes like this….

Firefly firefly in the sky,

(wave flashlight on ceiling)

Firefly firefly way up high,

(wave flashlight on ceiling)

Firefly firefly come down low,

(wave flashlight on floor or wall)

Firefly firefly move so slow

(wave flashlight very slow on floor or wall)

Materials Needed


Two small flashlights

A dark room

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