Arts and Crats

Water Bottle Ghosts

This art project was so simple and Babs ended up loving it so much more than I though she would. All you need for water bottle ghosts is an empty water or pop bottle with the label peeled off, a bag of cotton balls, and some black construction paper (googly eyes are optional).WP_20151019_11_33_16_Pro

I gave Babs the water bottle and dumped out the cotton balls and let her go to town. I did one as well so she could follow my example. All she had to do was fill the water bottle will the cotton balls.


This project was a simple way to slip in some fine motor work. 🙂 I cut out construction paper ovals for the eyes and mouth and we attached them with masking tape. We also decided to add some googly eyes to some of the ghosts but I actually think they look better without. Great to add to your end tables for Halloween decorations! Babs loves seeing all her art work displayed.

Materials Needed

Water or pop bottle with label peeled offWP_20151019_11_55_18_Pro

Bag of cotton balls

Black construction paper

Googly eyes (optional)

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