DIY Lip Gloss

Have any Kool-Aid packets leftover from this summer? Grab them and help your little one make some lip gloss! All you need is a small container with a lid, petroleum jelly, toothpicks, and powdered Kool-Aid. Stop by the Dollar Tree and pick up one these stackable containers.



Fill each container with some petroleum jelly and then let your kiddo pinch some Kool-Aid powder and add it to the container. Be careful not to add to much or your lip gloss will be gritty. We used what we had left in the cupboard, lemonade, which happens to be Babs favorite. However, if you use something like fruit punch your lip gloss will even have a hint of color to it. Give them a tooth pick for each container and stir it up. It’s as simple as that!

Babs loves having her own lip gloss she can put on before we head outside to enjoy this nice fall weather. Added bonus it helps keep her lips from getting chapped.


wp-1478259070807.jpgShowing off her new lip gloss! We had a serious case of bed head this morning! lol!

Materials Needed:

Small container with lid

petroleum jelly


Any flavor Kool-Aid powder



Let’s Get Personal

Hello world! I haven’t posted in a while and let me explain why. My husband and I are expecting our second child in December. YAY! However, this pregnancy has been more than brutal on my body, mind, and energy level. I’m sure there are many of you ladies out there that can relate. 🙂   It has been a long road for us to get pregnant. We have suffered two miscarriages in the process. My heart goes out to anyone who has been through the loss of a child. It is painful and all consuming, but with the support of my husband and family I find myself coping. It wasn’t short after I found out I was pregnant again in March that extreme, debilitating morning sickness reared its ugly head. IV fluids were necessary on multiple occasions. Ughh. I decided to take a break from my regular everyday life and just focus on a healthy stress free pregnancy. I am now 31 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy! I have continued to do projects with BABS, but slowed down a bit and I just didn’t have the energy to post. However, I am finally feeling ready to tackle the blogging world again!

Taking this time off made me realize that while I originally started this blog to share my ideas for engaging kids activities, I have SO MUCH MORE to share. I mean let’s be real…being a stay at home mom we don’t just sit around all day playing with shaving cream and doing cute art projects. Working moms…I have been there too! Talk about busy! Stay at home mom or working mom, it doesn’t matter, we all need a little survival tips sometimes. I have decided to branch out. I will still be posting all the activities I do with my kiddos. But this time off has inspired me to do more. It has inspired me to be real. I want to share the simple things I do everyday that help make life easier. Recipes, reinventing leftovers, cleaning hacks, great deals on toys for Christmas (usually purchased online from the comfort of my couch and PJ’s), fun and educational kid activities! The list could go on and on.

So here is to a new beginning! Don’t forget you can enter your email to receive these post directly to your email.

Thanks for being loyal readers!


Bunches of Balloons

Looking for a cheap easy way to entertain a toddler recovering from a cold? Balloons are a cheap and easy way to get out some energy and be creative!


Babs is currently getting over a minor cold. We are to the point where she is feeling better, but if she over does it… she probably end up right back where she started. I keep a few packs of balloons from the dollar store on hand. Below are a few of the activities we like to do with balloons.

Bunches of Balloons Activities

*put on some music and kick the balloons

*grab some markers and draw faces on them

* go on a color hunt

*bury them with balloons on the couch or in an old box

*throw them back and forth- makes for an interesting game of catch 😉

These activities are fun even if they aren’t sick! Great for a rainy or cold day too. Hope you enjoy!

Sensory Play

DIY Snow

I played around with this recipe forever trying to get the right consistency. Most of my sensory recipes come from randomly mixing items together and seeing what they turn into. Babs and I call it creative cooking! I tell her we are going to pretend cook. Some of my favorite memories as a kid is when my mom let my sister and I “cook” very creative concoctions in the kitchen.

This recipe only uses shaving cream and baking soda. Mix those two things together and you will have yourself some DIY snow. Babs had a good time mixing the ingredients together in a large bin I had. Afterwards we used the snow to make our Penguin and Seal Playscape! I will be posting on that later.

If the consistency isn’t right add some more shaving cream or baking soda until you get that powdery snow like feel. Keep in mind all of the ingredients are at the Dollar Store!

Materials Needed:

Shaving Cream: 3/4 of a regular size can

Baking soda: 1 regular sized box


Shaving Cream Rain Cloud

I am always trying to expose Babs to some toddler friendly science. The shaving cream rain cloud turned out to be more entertaining for her than I thought it would be. Let’s face it…..that’s always a plus! 🙂


First you need a glass bowl or cup filled with water. Then squirt some shaving cream on top. Next give your little one some food coloring and help them add some drops to the top of the shaving cream. The amount of food coloring you need will depend on the amount of shaving cream you used.


It takes a little time but the food coloring will gather at the base of your shaving cream cloud and drip into the water. The result was fascinating to Babs! We ran out of blue so our rain cloud was multi-colored.


Materials Needed:

Shaving cream
Glass bowl or cup
Food coloring
One excited toddler!


Sick Day Stations

So Babs is just coming to the end of one of the many upper respiratory infections we have battled this year. However, overall it hasn’t been a horrible cold and flu season for us. We just finished snuggling our way through week three (and hopefully the last week) of being sick. ☺ My motto is always…it could be worse. Any of you who have had a sick toddler know how hard it can be to keep them engaged, while at the same time trying not to have them over exert themselves. This is when I came up with what I call the “Sick Day Stations”. These are just four simple and easy activities you can put together so your child has something new and engaging to do while they aren’t feeling good. The stations include: color matching box, diy ribbon dancer, pom pom tubes, and laundry basket bead slide. The key to being able to use these over and over again is to put them away after they are feeling better. Then when you need them again you can pull them out and your toddler will fall in love all over again!


Here is a quick run through of how to make them. 😆

Color Matching Box


The materials you are going to need include a cardboard box, multi-colored balls, marker or duck tape, and scissors or a box cutter.
We chose to use four different colored balls so our box has four holes cut into it. Once you cut four u holes in your box you can either colors around the whole a with marker or you can use duck tape. We used marker since we are out of colored duck tape at the moment. Their should be one hole for each color ball. Hand it over to the little one and you are done. ☺

DIY Ribbon Dancer


Babs loves playing with ribbon dancers in gymnastics so we decided to make one at home! The materials you are going to need include a hair tie of some kind and ribbon. We have tons of ribbon in our gift wrapping box. The scrunchie I used came with Babs leotard. I figured since her hair is STILL not thick enough to use it we could use it for this. Cut ribbon to the length you want. Ours are about two and a half feet long. Tie the ribbon to your hair tie. The more ribbon strands the better! Turn on some music and away they will go!

Pom Pom Tubes


Grab some pom poms and old toilet paper or paper towel rolls that I just know you are secretly saving for a project like this…lol! We have an old dresser downstairs in our storage room that is dedicated to recycled materials and craft items. We have so many toilet paper rolls I am always looking for new ways to use them. Tape a few of them to the wall in the same general area. We use masking tape or painters tape because it doesn’t mark up our walls. Place some pop poms in a container below the toilet paper tubes. Show the little ones how they can drop the pom pom in the top of the tube and it falls out the bottom. It is still amazing to me what a hit this one was!

Laundry Basket Bead Slide


For this one you will need a laundry basket, ribbon, and beads. Thread the beads on the ribbon. Babs helped with this. Then tie them across the laundry basket in different ways. They can then slide the beads around anyway the like. Needless to say my laundry basket was out of commission for a few days. Good thing I have multiple. ☺

Please keep in mind these activities should also be done supervised. Some of them have small parts that can present a chocking hazard.

Hope this helps keep your little ones busy when they aren’t feeling good or when you need a sick day now and then!


Frog Pond Playscape

Babs and I were looking for something new to do while she hasn’t been feeling good so I decided to try a new playscape! This could easily be done at home using a bin like we did or in a preschool sensory table. We purchase our frog figurines at Target. The brand can also be found on Amazon. We used mini Terra animals by Battat. The particular playscape idea came from Fun at Home with Kids. They have many other awesome small world ideas!


This held her interest for about a week. 🙂 What I love about using the under the bed storage bins is you can just put a lid on it for easy clean up and storage. I like to put a tablecloth under it to catch any water that splashes during play.



Materials Needed

Click here for materials and directions. Have fun and happy hopping!


Puffy Paint Snowman

Puffy paint makes for a great new painting texture for kids. It’s also extremely easy to make. All you needed glue and shaving cream. During our art projects we have been working on following directions to make more purposeful pictures. So for this project we drew a snowman outline so Babs could work in staying inside the lines.


However, it’s always important at this age to let your child explore with the materials on their own as well. 😉


I drew the snowman shape big enough so it was easy for her to work on staying in the lines with the puffy paint. If you use equal parts glue and shaving cream the paint will dry perfectly puffy. Babs loves seeing her snowman hanging on the wall.


Materials Needed:

Glue 1/2 cup

Shaving cream 1/2 cup

Construction paper

Paint brush and bowl